Intimate Wedding | Jenna + Zak

You know the butterflies you get when you witness two people who are genuinely and deeply in love interact with one another? This wedding was full of that.

Meet Jenna and Zak. Jenna is the sister of a dear and old friend of mine, and has become a friend herself over the years. She has a kind and brilliant personality. Zak is also kind, as well as fun-loving, sweet, and so totally in love with Jenna. I was honored when they asked me to photograph their wedding.

There's a plot twist here, though. Originally, I was booked to shoot their wedding in June 2018. However, life tends to throw us curveballs, and Jenna reached out to me while I was vacationing in Europe in September of last year to let me know that they actually were getting officially married in two weeks and were going to do a smaller ceremony and reception in November. 

Fortunately, I had that date open still, and I was so excited at the opportunity to photograph a smaller, more intimate ceremony. Jenna and Zak are wonderful people, which means they've become surrounded by many other wonderful people in their lives. I knew that this event would be so special, and I was looking forward to doing it during one of my favorite times of the year.

November came around, and I made my way to my old stomping grounds: Olympia, WA. We had some fun playing with light and location at the Olympia City Hall for couple and family photos, before heading to Ramblin' Jacks for the ceremony and reception. I have to say, I didn't know what to expect from a ceremony at this location, but it proved to be super fun and the atmosphere was warm and joyous.

This event was so unique and full of love (Just look at the way they look at each other in those first dance pictures! My heart!). I wish Jenna and Zak all the happiness for all of their years together.

Some of the wedding details:

Venue and food: Ramblin' Jacks
Jenna's Shoes: DSW
Jenna's Dress: BHLDN
Jenna's Ring: Zales
Desserts and Decorations: DIY by friends and family