Intimate Wedding | Lexie + Ted

It's now May, and things are ramping up. Wedding season has officially begun! Before I start sharing all the new and wonderful weddings from this year, I want to share a couple more of my favorites from last year. This time, we're talking about Lexie and Ted.

Lexie and Ted are the sweetest, most fun-loving people you'll ever meet. Their total focus on their wedding day was on celebrating and having as much fun as possible. This was very clear from our first photo consultation, when Lexie let me know that the most important images for them were the ones after the ceremony - the images of everyone they loved having fun, dancing, and creating really joyous moments together. This was definitely one of those weddings where I found myself singing (and maybe dancing a little) along with everyone, because the happiness was just so contagious.

Another fun fact about this wedding: It took place at The Village Ballroom in North Portland - which is where my own wedding took place in August 2015! It was quite the trip to go back there and see everything from the other side of the camera.

I have to call out some of the amazing vendors that contributed to this wedding, starting with Lexie herself. She made so many of the pieces for their decorations including the paper flower arrangements and the backdrop for their ceremony.

Some other awesome items you might like to know about:

And now, on to the images!